1994 Photograms
Different series of photomontages based on the series of drawings Urban Traces.
- 1994 Israel, Jerusalem: Israel Museum

- Israel Museum [curating]
- Israel Museum [support financial and technical]

1994 Photograms
Photograms and cibachrome prints
I began working on Photograms in 1991 and developed several series (Figures, Cosmographies, Ironic Figures). The works are based on my drawings Urban Traces. I reproduce the graphic works as slides or black-and-white negatives so their value as image is accented. Then the work process in the dark room proceeds by addition and accumulation in contrast to the erasure and subtraction applied in my drawings. The use of acids introduces sepia colorations into the grey scale. Fragments of industrial drawings from tool catalogues are included. Through the combination of modernist, industrialist photomontage and the unpredictability of accidents provoked by acid, Photograms create an optical distortion of the architectural views represented on the image.

(Based on the text of Jean-Fran├žois Chevrier for the exhibition at the Israel Museum in 1994)