2008 Tunnels/Containers
Multimedia installation using a standard transport container as the basis for a simulation of house and a reflection about the notion of “home.”
- 2008 Israel, Tel Aviv: Architecture Gallery ZeZeZe

- Dalya Markovitch [independent curator]
- Nadav Lesser [gallery director]
- Shaxaf Haber [photographer]
- Israeli Lottery [financial support]
- Jehoshua Rabinovitch Foundation for the Arts [financial support]
- Nofar Stage Designers [technical support]
- Reuben and Edith Hecht Trust [financial support]

2008 Tunnels/Containers
Tunnels/Containers: the Home
The installation Tunnels/Containers: the Home tried to build a house at various imagined crossroads, starting with childhood over there in Egypt and ending in reality here, in Israel. It was placed in a symbolic location, a former warehouse in the Tel-Aviv harbor, a site that underwent a dramatic change in the past years with the expansion of the “Greater Tel-Aviv” and subsequent gentrification of the area. The word “home” should embody the most stable state in the world. Yet, the home I created for the project was charged with fictitious meanings. It was a simulation of home. I used a standard transport container. All possibilities of entry or exit were blocked since the installation was sealed with earth. This earth was framed by a door and windows cut in the rusty façade around various parts of the container. These openings allow a view of the cross-section with various piece of furniture (embroidered curtain, chair, table, bed and cushions, book). During the opening of the exhibition, volunteers were invited to enter into this “home” and react to the images (of earlier projects) projected from the container and the screens surrounding it.

(Based on the catalogue of the exhibition, texts by Dalya Markovich and Ilana Salama Ortar)