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הקטלוג הדיגיטלי יצא לאור בסיוע
מועצת הפיס לתרבות ולאמנות
This digital catalogue was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts
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This web site documents the major art works of Ilana Salama Ortar (1949-).

The web site has three main layers:
1- this visual index
2 - visual scrolls for each work
3 - a documentation page for each work
& - a general information page
(click the left hand title of this page)
"Ilana Salama Ortar/works 1985-2916"

By moving your cursor at the left hand side of the scrolls you see year and title of each work.

You can click in each left hand section when an info 'i' shows. This will bring you to layer 3 with the documentation of a chosen work.

When you move your cursor a bit more to the right over one of the scrolls in layer 1 (this visual index) you can click there to see the full size scroll, which opens in the same window.

In level 2 (full size scrolls) you may need to adjust the scaling of the content in your browser window, depending on the size of your screen ('view' options in your browser menu).
Also you can drag your browser as wide as your screen allows to enjoy the full panoramic effect of the visual scrolls.

To return to this page you can use either the 'back button' of your browser, or click the home button in the top left corner in any of the scroll- or documentation-pages to return to this visual index.

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  2013: Laissez Passer
  2013: Encapsulation
  1985: Dark Greenhouses
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  2010: Territorial intimacy
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  2007: The Quiet Beach
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  1994: Urban Traces
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  1994: Photograms
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  2012: Foreseer of the past
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  2008: Tunnels/Containers
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  2005: The Hyphen
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  2003: Arrêt Barre Chicago
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  2000: Constellation for Awakening
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  1999: Adamot/Body Memory
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  1998: The Camp of the Jews
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  1995: Villa Khoury
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