2013 Encapsulation
Encapsulation refers to both a new development in my practice as an artist (placing objects and drawings in blown-glass containers) and a one-person exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art (2013-2014).
- 2013 Israel, Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

- Alva Haluz [graphic designer]
- Dalit Matatyahu [assistant curator Tel Aviv Museum of Art]
- Daria Kassovsky [translator] - Elad Sarig [photographer]
- Irith Hadar [curator Prints and Drawings Tel Aviv Museum of Art]
- G. Studio [Blown-glass capsules]
- Tel Aviv Museum of Art [support financial and technical]

Encapsulation is a method of artistic creation, which adopts and places objects and materials in a kind of frame. The purpose of such a frame is to provide us with the space and time to catch our breath and to focus our concentration on the flux between the archeology and utopia of personal, historical and political experience. In order to express the above concept in a physical and visual form, I have produced in recent years several series of containers made out of blown glass—some large, some small, in diverse irregular shapes and sizes, and varying between clarity and opaqueness. These containers surround something physically, as protection and preservation, and at the same time they evoke forms of control and restriction. I place inside them either objects or drawings. In the latter case, folding and rolling are intended to symbolize, or to function as a metaphor that gives expression to a multi-facetted distillation of existence.

The one-person show Encapsulation at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art summarizes my personal and artistic trajectory over the past twenty years. Visitors were proposed to circulate among glass “capsules” displayed on the floor of the exhibition space. These contained numerous elements of earlier performances and installations, such as the embroidery stitched by my grandmother in Alexandria while she waited for her husband to return from his business journeys; bodily drawings that had been cut, folded and sewn; “ceramic bottles” from the excavations of the transit camp Le Grand Arénas near Marseilles. I also included more recent works such as the Berlin Diary, which I had created during a sojourn in the German city in a studio in Spandau (2012-2013). The apertures of the glass containers were naturally torn from the blowpipe that shaped them. All the elements placed in the containers were thus extracted from the original context of production and presented in a way enabling new connections between my works. On the walls were drawings created for different projects, such Urban Traces, The Hyphen Tel-Aviv—Jaffa, and Palimpsests.

Ilana Salama Ortar: Encapsulation Description and selected images of the exhibition at the Museum of Tel-Aviv.